We can help you become a better shooter. 

Yes, that means you.   

We have had people from across the globe attend our precision rifle training. Everyone from complete novice shooters that are just getting started to top level PRS competitors and snipers. They have ALL improved as a result of training with us. Primal Rights isn't like the other schools you've attended. This is not an accident, but by design, and is a fact which can be confirmed in our previous students statements. Here we are not about being trendy or trying to capitalize on the precision shooting bandwagon. At Primal Rights, we are shooters. Shooters first and foremost. Our entire lives are built around it. This isn't a hobby or a "second job." 

This is our life. 

Advanced Rifle Concepts - $500 

Experience Requirement: None

Duration: 2 Days, 9AM - 6PM

Location: Huron, SD

Equipment Required:
Eye protection
Ear protection 
Precision rifle (short action bolt gun capable of one MOA is recommended)
100 Rounds Rifle Ammo
Front support for rifle (bipod, ruck, etc) 
Rear support for rifle (rear bag, monopod, etc)

Optional Equipment:
Extra magazines
Extra ammo
Bug spray
Long-sleeved shirt 
Hunting/Combat boots 

Day 1 is all indoors. Nice and calm, climate controlled. Day 2 we start the day off in the classroom, but we'll be spending the majority of the day outside. The sun will be high, it may be hot, and there may be bugs. We train regardless of what mother nature is doing. Unless there is lightning, training will go forward! So be sure you are prepared. Bring appropriate attire for any weather condition. 

Course Outline:
During Advanced Rifle Concepts, we will give you a foundation upon which to build rifle marksmanship skills. We will teach you how to become in tune with your rifle and control it in a way that you've never thought possible. Like any martial art, there are core techniques which can be mastered, leading you to higher levels of performance. You will learn what to do, how to do it, why to do it, and how to teach yourselves via the feedback your rifle is giving you. We have never had a student whom claimed they learned nothing during this class, regardless of their skill level.

Click here for a small primer on what is taught

Training course seats are NOT refundable under any circumstances. 

Advanced Rifle Concepts class dates - To Be Announced
Seats presently available: 0

To reserve your seat send a check, cashiers check, or money order in the amount of $500 payable to Primal Rights, Inc: 
Primal Rights, Inc
33 3rd St SE STE 101
Huron SD 57350

You must also include your full name, address, phone number, and E-mail address. Once payment and all information has been received and approved, your seat will be reserved. If you wish to attend with others, you may write a single check for any number of seats, but each students complete information must be submitted. Shooters under 18yrs of age must be accompanied by a legal guardian. 

What our students are saying:

Ramiro Rodriguez on Gunhive.com

I was fortunate enough to attend the Spring Training put together by Greg Dykstra of Primal Rights. I have been hunting since I was 12, and I have been competing in a local PRS match in Colorado for almost 2 years. I had marksmanship training in ROTC in college, so I thought that I knew enough about shooting, until I attended the Spring Training, then I realized that what I knew was very limited.

After the necessary safety briefing Greg proceeded to teach us so much, breaking down each step of the shooting process to it's most basic elements. He would take the time to cover a concept, then he had us get behind the rifles and practice the concept. Then he would teach the next concept and again he would have us get behind our rifles and apply the concepts we had learned. All the time he was walking around, helping everyone improve their implementation of the concepts to ensure a proper foundation for becoming better shooters. He would take the time to answer everyone's questions, no question was a stupid question, and he gave his undivided attention to every single person in the class.

I always knew that breathing played a big part of shooting, but never to the extent that Greg was able to show us. Even though I was a bit skeptical at first of how he applies breathing to shooting, after the dry fire practice of the breathing technique, and most especially during the live fire portion of the class, I came to realize how perfectly his technique works. I can't say enough about this class, about Greg as an instructor and shooter, but one of the things that made me listen even more attentively was when he said, "I know all of you have developed your own method of shooting, I am not saying that my method is the best or that yours is wrong, I only ask that you give my method a try and decide for yourself." I always felt that he taught for the love of the sport and for the love of teaching others the knowledge he has acquired in his many years as shooter. I couldn't be more grateful to Greg for sharing with us his passion, to do it in such a structured but fun way, in a very laid back and safe environment, and with such attention to detail so that everyone would get the most out of the class. It will take me a long time to digest all I learned, but through this class, Greg has given me the tools to grow as a precision shooter, and to identify why my shots are not going where I want them to go. Thanks Greg, I am looking forward to the next one. - Ramiro Rodriguez

Deltawhiskey on Snipershide

"Thank You Greg for hosting this training event!
To any Hide members interested in long range shooting, reading wind, or just shrinking those groups get in touch with orkan. Its hard to find a better place than SD for wind and long range, AND Greg is an excellent trainer!!" - Deltawhiskey

64David on Snipershide

"Thanks for the training class Greg!
It was a great class. I have been to classes at another school, but had large class sizes (up to 40 people). While I still learned a lot, it was no where near as good as the small class size Greg runs. Greg knows his stuff, and is very good at teaching it. I would highly recommend his class, especially if you are newer at this or looking for ways to improve." - 64David

Robert Feldhaus of Huron, SD

"I am very glad I got the chance to attend this class. It was as well organized and informative as a two day session could be. Nothing better than being able to practice hands on while listening to each detail. Great group of intelligent like minded classmates made for a great weekend!" - Robert Feldhaus

Chad Stevens of Nebraska

"Great class!!!!! I am extremely happy to have found such a great instructor!!!!! And better yet he's only a couple hours from me:-) Class size is perfect for one on one instruction too. Looking forward to level 1!!! THANKS GUYS!!!!!!" - Chad Stevens

BillWi of Wisconsin

I wanted to take moment to thank Greg , his wife and the staff at Primal Rights for the outstanding job they did with their precision rifle training this weekend. The professionalism he displayed thru the entire class really gives credit to the business he is operating. Greg did an awesome job of delivering the content of the class clearly and concisely. Each of the areas he covered built on the one previous so that at the end of the classroom phase I felt confident in executing the entire process step by step. He made sure to constantly re-enforce making sure we were executing each step properly and then had a Q & A section at the end so we could clear up anything we were still unclear about. When we made it out to the range for live firing, his range commands and control of range was outstanding. He went out of his way to help each shooter better understand where they could improve and gave advice that we could execute on the next string of shooting. 

I traveled from Wisconsin not knowing what to expect other than what I had read on his forum and from his postings on other forums. I had never talked to Greg other than to register for his class. The training was exceptional. If you are on the fence about coming out to attend his classes jump off and get out there. I truly feel he offers invaluable knowledge. 

Greg, “ Thanks” again for a great weekend of training. Please extend my gratitude to your staff and wife for making us feel welcome.


Tom Krug of Pennsylvania

It was great to meet all. Greg hands down best instruction I have ever received. Now it is up to me to do perfect preparation to prevent piss poor performance. Repitition is the mother of all learning. I believe the techniques will help me break through the plateau I am on. To become more consistent a better shooter more first round hits and to understand the why through proper snapshot. Thank you. Kristen, thank you for the fantastic food. It was wonderful. It was nice getting to meet also.
Greg, Josh and Travis thank you for an amazing Desert Tech it is a hammer. Not to mention the unbelievable service getting a 6.5 delivered to me in 10 days. Thank you

KingNothing on Gunhive.com

A huge thank you to Primal Rights for the fantastic training they hosted. I've had time to digest the training, and practice when I make the time. I've also bought a couple of books to continue to develop mindfulness, and I've really taken an interest into what was demonstrated. The food was amazing, the discussions and stories around the table were both informative and humorous. Spring Training was definitely one of my top best experiences in the company of complete strangers, with a friendly smile on every face. Primal Rights made it a class, Greg made it an experience, and every one of you made it a memory.

My sincerest thanks to all who participated.
- kingnothing

Cal of Brookings, SD

For anyone on the fence about attending this class, it's well worth it. Unfortunately do to weather and my terrible travel schedule I was only able to make it one day, but it was one day very well spent. 

I've been hunting/shooting just about as long as I've been alive, but never really had anyone explain the basics on shooting technique before. Really learned a lot in a short time.

I'm an accomplished hunter, but have always known my limitations and often times wasn't comfortable with some of those longer shots presented. Looking forward to applying the techniques learned and extending my effective range in the future.  - Cal

Sharvest on Snipershide.com

If you have ever missed your target before, weather it be deer, a pop can, x-ring, or are trying to get that last little bit out of a long range shot, etc.... this class and future classes are for you. Not only will you be given the knowledge to understand why you missed it, you will be give the training on how to hit your target. 

What I really liked about this class is it has given me a starting point to become in tune with my rifle. Which for some reason had never even crossed my mind before???? It is just like the combine I run all season, I am in tune with it from the seat, steering wheel, hydro-handle, and all the vibrations and noises it may make. From this I can tell you if there is a bearing going out, what the condition of the crop being ingested is like, if I am about to get stuck, etc... I can keep that machine to max productivity without going over by just how it feels. Well Greg has gotten me to learn my rifle so that I am becoming in tune with it. Which is absolutely AWESOME to be able to understand why a shot hit or didn't hit its intended target!!!!!!! And with every shot I become more in tune, which is leading to more and more properly placed shots.

Another great point, is that this class is local to a lot of us!!! Only a couple hours from my door step. And he is willing to work with us on weekends, which is a big plus for me!!

Regardless of what level shooter you are I feel you will come away from one of Greg's classes with more confidence in your ability to properly place your next shot!! - sharvest

Charlie of Martin, SD

The training was excellent. Greg is a ninja. It was great to meet all of you. Thanks to Greg, his wife, Josh, Chris and to everybody in the class.

Joe of Nebraska

Knowing you're doing something wrong but not knowing what you're doing wrong, or even where to start diagnosing what is wrong can be extremely frustrating. It can be even more frustrating when it gets in the way of your enjoyment of one of your hobbies.

A month ago I found myself in that position. Knowing Greg a little bit I asked him some questions but they were so open ended that they were impossible to answer. I asked him questions that had dozens of possible answers but I didn't have the knowledge to narrow it down.

I had signed up for Primal Rights training and it was about a month away, and since planting was getting started I didn't have much time to shoot anyways, so I waited.

I've never been to any training for shooting, so I didn't really know what to expect, I went into the event with as open of a mind as I could.

I arrived early enough on Friday to do a little shooting before the class, Greg and Josh were there along with some of the other people taking the class, I tried to introduce myself to people I didn't know, we did a little chatting then I shot and confirmed zero on my rifle and fouled the bore. I also went over to the ~580 yard target and the ~998 yard target.

Afterwards we all went back to the classroom and ate a delicious meal prepared by Greg wife, and prepared for tomorrow's class.

Never have I been to a class that was so thorough with each point, and it really says a lot that you can be that thorough and not have the day drag on and on and on. This isn't to say I wasn't tired by the end of it, there was certainly a lot of information overload towards the end. However nothing was rushed, and I feel like everyone understood everything completely before moving on.

It wasn't dull either, the mood wasn't all serious there was jokes and discussion when the time was appropriate, and when it needed to be like when topics of safety were concerned it was 100% serious in nature. It was a balancing act that I believe was handled perfectly.

Breaks were appropriately spaced, and during those breaks we were allowed to fondle (and in my case swoon) over some of the rifles Greg had brought to the class and other students after asking permission.

I've been to a lot of training for various things in my life, and there's something that I've never seen anyone get right, the critical ratio of hands on and lecture time, now this is something that could vary between people, but I'm a hands on learner. I feel like Greg has gotten as close to perfect as I may ever see on this. If a new concept was introduced you practiced it immediately, however you never skipped anything you learned before hand. There were no giant groups of ideas that you learned then practiced only to skip it after the next one was introduced.

If A was taught you practiced A
If B was taught you practiced A+B
If C was taught you practiced A+B+C

Never as I recall was A, B, and C introduced together, one thing was introduced then you practiced it, then another thing was introduced.

It was a method I enjoyed.

Possibly the most amazing thing that day however was one moment where everyone was on page, 10 students, 2 Primal Rights staffers, some of whole have never met another person in that room, all of whom who have never met everyone in that room, yet at that one moment there was a calm that fell over everyone and everyone was on the same page and got it.

Day one was all classroom, Day two began with a quick refresher over everything we went over the day before, followed by safety information for the range. We got all set up and then ate, then we started implementing what we were taught the previous day with live fire exercises.

It wasn't just a flood gate and hey go shoot, it was structured, and even involved showing or explaining with example why he had is practice the way we did, and why it was beneficial to practice that way.

We went down range and broke down the results, students explained what they saw from beginning, during, and end and we broke down what that meant, it was done individually with each student but with everyone listening. Adjustments were made and implemented for the next firing sequence.

The range time was short but it was insightful, and for me hammered in what was taught the previous day. Anyone looking to leave having their issue fixed, may be disappointed, but if you listen and went with an open mind you would see that what Greg taught was far greater then him fixing one issue that you may have had. What Greg taught was the ability to diagnose yourself so that should any future issue present itself you'll have a path to head down to try and fix it, and it may not be something you can fix yourself, but at least when you call Greg it will greatly narrow down the numerous things it can be.

One of the better aspects of the class was the simplistic nature of the class, really all that's needed would be a rifle, a bipod, a rear bag, ammunition and safety gear, that's it.

The class was great, I met some great people, I learned a lot and I had a lot of fun.

I also want to thank @gash who cooked some amazing food, if you left hungry it definitely couldn't be blamed on the food, sorry I forgot your name (I'm terrible with names)

Also to Daniel @dddoo7 for the nice sermon on Sunday, and letting me shoot your rifle.

And Charles thanks again for letting me lay behind your rifle, it definitely helped me locate a potential issue with my equipment.

It was great meeting everyone, we all had some nice conversations, again I'm terrible with names, @tpk936 , @deltawiskey@ramirojpc and everyone else I forgot it was great meeting you all, I hope that you all have success implementing what we learned and become better shooters.

Also if we ever do this again, I'll try and have a suppressor so that I'm not sand blasting everyone's nice rifles.

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